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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sylvester J. Mazzella

 This  blog will be suspended for the next few days as I need to visit my Family because of the passing away of my  Father  at the age of 86 in Pittsburgh.
  Anyone  offering prayers to him will be appreciated, but he is not type of man.  My whole life he was a teacher, so the best way to honour him is to help someone learn something new. It was more important to him that someone tries their best and always keep learning.  He was strong, and hard working. As a young man building homes he fell off a platform and crack part of his back.  Instead of the the closest Hospital he insisted  he was taken to the Hospital  that his Girlfriend was working at, and he was not putting down his hammer until was. That  young woman became my Mother. He built the house I grew up in. Showed me that good things happen with hard work, but make sure the facts are right first. He let me be stupid as a kid, but told me how to fix a problem when asked. He had a dry sense of humor, but showed me that sometimes  a meatball can be square, or even a triangle.  I miss going to Penguin game with him (even if I was way too loud) I will try to hold on to  his tools that he gave me. But I always will remember him and my Mother, who he had to live without since her death..
 It is  asked that a donation to the Semper Fi Fund at  http://semperfifund.org/ Which goes to help returning   members of the U.S. Armed Forces with financial, emotional aid to those who have been injured or are ill along wit support for their families as well.

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