Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day 2013

  On Monday the Bogota Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ralph Hall Post # 5561 held their Veteran's Day Observance for 2013. It what was described as one of the smaller audiences in attendance Post Commander  Alex Hernandez talked about how this day  is about the  Women & Men who have & are serving in the country's Armed Forces and are still alive. He told about his experience the day before  when several troops of Boy Scout's  were asked to take part in a event at Met Life Stadium  to honour  members of the U.S. Armed Forces. He  said that the young Scouts talked with the Veteran's there and thanked them for their service. Commander Hernandez  added that  part of the freedoms these Women & Men protected was the choice of not doing something as well. While he hope more people will be able to attend future ceremonies he is proud to live in a country that allows for the choice of what to do.
  Then Council President Tito Jackson spoke on behave of the Borough of Bogota thanking the veterans in attendance for their serve, and to remember those still serving.
  The next part of the ceremony was the announcement  by Chaplain Earl Coppock of the  Bogota Citizen of the Year. As he talked about her service to the Community through her being a member of the Steen PTO, and her work as part of the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW she started to realise who he was talking about. Finally Mr. Coppock announced that Rose Prenenski  was the Citizen of the Year for 2013. Ms. Prenenski thanked Ladies Auxiliary Mary Wagner for her guidance over the years they worked together a the VFW.  She also thanked her family for letting her have the time to help others. Then also took a moment to thank her Father who is also a Veteran.
  Ladies Auxiliary President Mary Wagner then let High School Principal Linda Gattuso talk about why she submitted a candidate for Young Volunteer of the Year.  Then Ms. Wagner read the letter of recommendation talking about  how the student  does work in the community  include Volunteering at Holy Name Hospital in their Emergency Room. Ms. Wagner was then proud to announce that Johan Bento was the 2013 Young Volunteer of the Year. Mr. Bento talked about he really started his volunteering in Kindergarten when all he thought he was doing was helping put away the toys at the end of the day because it felt nice to do.
  On a personal note Mary Wagner read an email from Sandra Wieskus of St. Joseph Church, it talked about a friend's Granddaughter who is engaged  to a Veteran who was severely wounded in Afghanistan.  The Veteran's name is Gavin White and is facing the difficulty of having his life changed. What is being asked is to send message to him  and his future bride that their sacrifices are not going unnoticed. He will be having a birthday at the end of November, and it is asked that well wishes and thanks for his service are sent to him and his family. Anyone wanting to send well-wishes to this Veteran is asked to drop a card to Sandra Wieskus  at the St.Joseph Church in Bogota, NJ. They need to have his name Gavin White written on the envelope. They need to dropped off in the Sacristy or Rectory of St. Josephs Church  located at Palisade Ave a & E.Ft.Lee Rd Bogota , NJ before 18 November.
  Earlier this year there was a post about another way the citizens of Bogota can help the Women & Men of the Armed forces. This was donating unused manufacturer's coupons so they can be sent to families station overseas. As I presented a batch of coupons to Mary Wagner she let me know I so far have been the only one to donate them. Here again is the post on how to help follow American's who are members of a family of service personal.

 The Ladies Auxiliary of VFW post # 5561 has been collecting manufacturer's coupons in order to send them to the families who are stationed overseas with the U.S. Military. This coupons are accepted at military commissaries, and at PX's on U.S. bases. These coupons are accepted for up to 6 months after the printed date of expiration.
  Mary Wagner of the Lady Auxiliary says the Post #5561 has  "adopted" a family station in Germany, as well as working with families station in Turkey. Coupons that are not used by the families they are sent to, are then passed out to other families who can use them. Ms. Wagner will accept coupons for a number of categories including , but not limited to,Frozen Food, Baby Products, Household Cleaning Products, Personal Beauty Products, Can Goods, and Paper Products.  This also includes printable coupons. It is requested that the coupons be cut , and separated into individual categories, then placed in clear plastic bag and label accordingly.  Once a month the Ladies Auxiliary, in contact with their families, sends the coupons to the Military Families as needed. This is a year round project, so any time is a good time to make this kind of donation. The  families have responded to Post # 5561 and have let them know that the coupon sent are a big help to them, and other families they are stationed with.
  Envelopes of coupons can be dropped off at the VFW Post # 5561, please use their mail slot located at 241 W. Shore Ave. This is the lower entrance across from the railroad tracks. Please identify them for Mary Wagner, Ms. Wagner asks if donor could included their name and address and she will send a  note to let you know that your coupons have been received, as well a heart felt thank-you from her and other members of Post # 5561.  For more information about this , or other project that could help families of Military Personnel please contact Mary Wagner at chamarwag@msn.com
   This may been only a small donation, but every small step moves the world forward.

Chaplain Earl Coppock delivering the Invocation 

 Post Commander  Alex Hernandez addressing the Veterans

Council President Tito Jackson speaking on behave of the Borough.

Rose Prenenski realising she is about to named Citizen of the Year. 

Rose Prenenski thanking the VFW for her award.

Rose Prenenski with her Family

Young Volunteer of the Year Johan Bento accepting his award.

Johan Bento with his parents



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