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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Civilian Safety Workshop

 On Sunday 10- Nov. Genesis Liu from " Ladies Lock & Load" gave a personal safety workshop at the Bogota Recreation Center.  This was a course in how to avoid situation that may put a person in harms way . It also had demostration on what to do incase of a physical attack. Ms. Liu talked about how people can help themselves to from looking like a victim. Basic ideas of knowing the area around oneself at all times. Keeping your head up so a person can see where they are going, which can also signal a potential attacker that a person would not be an easy target to sneak up on. To avoid dark places where someone could hide, places that are isolated from other who may be able to help if needed. While there are times that a person could feel threatened by someone Ms. Liu explained who being an active in defense could help to stop a situation from expanding. Her first line of defense was to talk loudly to draw attention to yourself. Simple question like: " How are you doing?" " Can I help you?" or " Do I know you?" but  IN A LOUD VOICE.  Doing this  first may cause a stranger to pause for a moment. This would also cause any bystanders to look in your direction to offer assistance if needed.
  The attendees were then shown some basic moves if attack. One being just a simple step sideways of someone is moving towards you. If a person feels contact from the back, like an attempt to grab, then doing  a "Chicken Dance " move was demonstrated. This was to to bring one's elbows up quickly while dropping down at the same time.  If a person was to place in a choke hold, they should try to place their chin in the inside elbow of the attacker. This first would allow a person to be able to breath, and give them room to drop down as well.
  If needed then other things may be use to help fend off an attacker. One being a set of house keys, if while on the way to your car have keys already in your hands. This will not only make it faster to enter a car, or house, but can be used as a defensive weapon.  Ms. Liu also showed how to use pepper spray properly, and how it can help to escape an assailant. The class were given practice spray can to learn with.  They were taught how to open, and hold it. How to use one's thumb to spray it , and a pattern to spray in to best repel an attack. The  workshop also include a discussion about the legality of using pepper spray on a person. The class was told that a threat to one's person may be enough  of a reason to use spray. But the main point to avoid an attack is to be aware of one's surroundings. And when possible stay in visible areas with others.
 For more information about personal safety course please visit : www.ladieslockandload.com

Instructor Genesis Liu (L)  talking with Tina & Ann.

Instructor Genesis Liu  showing how to escape from an attack.

Instructor Genesis Liu  (C) showing how to hold a pepper spray bottle

Tina (L) practicing on Instructor Chun Liu

Ann (L) practicing on Instructor Chun Liu

Tina (L) practicing on Instructor Chun Liu
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