Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School

9- September-2015

    On Tuesday 8- September the schools of the Bogota Board of Education began the School year for 2015-16. This is a time for Parents of High School Seniors to try and remember what it was like when their Students took their first steps into Kindergarten. And for the Students now starting on their Academic careers a first experience of being away from their Parent on a regular basis.  At Bixby School  many Students and Parent had a chance to meet the new Principal Damon Englese. Other Students used this opportunity to  reconnect and share their adventures for the Summer. A number of Students found some of their first Teachers who they can now look at eye to eye. While Parents can now start to plan the next 10 months of Homework, Sports, Concerts, Dances, and Trips with the hope they can find an hour or two for themselves.
   The newest Students were able to find comfort in a last hug from their Mother, or Father, a stuffed friend they carried with them, or a familiar smile from Pre-school. Other were not that sure this is the best idea their Parents ever had. Soothing smiles, soft understanding voices, and encouragement from the Teachers help ease the transition from  being a Child into becoming a Student. While on the other end Senioritis  may have already set in with some. But with Colleges to plan for, Sports, Plays, & Concerts to practice for and Dates to plan, all now have a goal to see where they end up in June, while making the most of the opportunity they are given.  

Morning at Bixby

Afternoon at Steen.

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