Monday, September 14, 2015


14- September-2015

   Some updates on stories from Bogota Blog NJ.  The flooring under the swings in Olsen Park will be reopened soon. The flooring directly under the swing had been worn away from typical wear & tear  from use.  With the flooring having been opened , the padding underneath was brought to the surface and cover the playground. While the debris may not be harmful in itself, it was still a dangerous condition. From the holes open under the swing causing a tripping hazard, loose debris leaving the playground unsafe for use. Including the rundown appearance it gave the park, undoing all the hard work Volunteers from Bogota Beautiful did in clean Olsen Park in April.
  While attending an event in Olsen Park Councilman Rob Robbins was alerted to the situation. Councilman Robbins then called Borough Administrator Joseph Scarpa within minutes to describe the damage.  Mr. Scarpa then contacted the installer and the holes have been repaired and the playground clean so it could be used safely. As of Saturday 12-Sept. the swings were still closed for use pending final inspections.

Before repairs

After repairs

  Work on the sidewalks along Leonia is continuing. Long sections have been replace with a even slab of concrete to create a smoother and safer walk. Storm sewers are being upgraded, and expanded to allow for rain to be more efficiently remove from the street. Additional curb cuts at the corners, and other crossing will assist anyone in crossing the streets with a wheel vehicle From Wheelchairs, and carriages to rolling carts when needed.
   When the sidewalk repairs are fulling complete Leonia Ave should be repaved fro a smoother drive.

Corners being rebuilt

New access ramps 

  Work is also continuing on W. Ft.Lee rd. This will cause shutdowns of W.Ft. Lee rd from River rd to the Dillard bridge into Hackensack. This work is part of the PSE&G upgrading of the electrical lines within Bergen County. Please check with the Bogota Blog NJ facebook page for PSE&G construction updates when available. This is ongoing work for the next several week please plan extra time to take alternate routes to Hackensack. This has also affected NJ Transit bus service between Bogota and Hackensack.

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