Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bogota Beautiful


     On Wednesday-16-September Bogota Beautiful celebrated their second anniversary. To mark this occasion cupcakes were served.  To start their third year some small changes were made to their monthly meeting.  Now with over a dozen pledged members signed up, a roll call was made to open the meeting. The next order of business was the announcement that the position of Treasurer has been filled.  Then Chairperson Amaru Bustamante introduced Marysol Rodriguez as the new Treasurer , saying he hopes that Bogota Beautiful can how become more accountable with the donations they receive and the amount spent on any one project.  There is still the position of Secretary available. This is open to anyone who can help organize, and run the monthly Board Meeting, and coordinate projects and other functions that will aid with the growing of Bogota Beautiful as a Community Organization.
       The meeting then moved to discuss upcoming projects. The first was to set a date and time for the Community Potluck Dinner, which will be co-host by the Bogota Public Library. This is scheduled to be held on Thursday 17- Nov with the doors opening at 7:00p. and be held in the second floor Senior Center.  The idea for this dinner is to get as many  residents, families, singles, and couples, to come together and share a meal together. Having it in November is hope to start a Holiday spirit in celebration the togetherness of the Borough. The goal is to have many different food item that will represent the ethnic diversity of Bogota. Food items that need to be cook should arrive ready to be served. Cooler items will also need to be ready to serve, and all donators will have access to the Senior Centers kitchen if needed. Anyone wishing to donate a food item is asked to register with Bogota Beautiful  or the Library to insure items are not overly repeated. This will be open to the Public with tickets starting at $5.00 per person or $10 for a Family. The person donating the food will be free of charge.   Library Director Radwa Ali would like the setting to be a  family style dining under electric stars decorating the ceiling. Both the Library & Bogota Beautiful are looking for 6-10 Volunteers to help set-up and decorate, accept the food donations, along with arranging and serving, and assist in the clean-up afterwards. To sign up to Volunteer, or to offer a food item to be donated please visit their signup page at: Bogota Beautiful Community Potluck Dinner. Or visit the Bogota Library site at :
      The next two item are of a similar nature. Member Joseph Gallagher  has finalised his list for their "Give a Garden" project  This will be available to anyone who wishes to start their own home garden.  Bogota Beautiful will provide a inventory of materials needed to have a Flower, or Vegetable garden. The garden owner would be responsible for the supplies while Bogota Beautiful will assist and advise the owner with step by step instruction  on starting , and maintenance. Mr. Gallagher has spent this Summer in working out the detail in his own yard with lettuce, kale, and spinach being the most successful. (With the spinach being the favorite of the local rabbits). This ties in to the Bogota Community Garden which Bogota Beautiful hopes to start next Spring. Bogota Beautiful has been given permission to use the plot of land on River Rd South of the World War I monument. Bogota Beautiful ideas are to have a Community Garden for anyone from Bogota who may not have the room for their own, and to help beautify the area around the monument.
      To start this project Bogota Beautiful will be having a ground turning event on Saturday 3-October starting at 10:00a. They want to make off and break the soil where the garden will be located. They will also be sprucing  up the War Monument  at the same time.  They are looking for 30-40 volunteers to  till, and level the soil, while making sure the ground is clear of unwanted debris. Anyone wishing to volunteer must be dress in heavy closed toe shoes, long pants, possible long sleeve shirts. If a volunteer has their own work gloves they should be worn. Bogota Beautiful will have a limited supply of glove.  Any yard working tools will be accepted, along with leaf and heavy duty garbage bags. Volunteers should meet at the World War I Memorial located at River Rd and W. Ft. Lee Rd.  Parking will be off site on W Ft.Lee rd east of River Rd. Orchard Terr, or Larch Ave. For information on how to Volunteer, or donate to this project please visit:
   Another beautification project is the painting  of the plywood of the damage building at E. Ft Lee Rd and Leonia Ave across from " Buddy's Place" Melissa Ramirez, and Student at Bogota High School has offered to help paint the wood, and ask other members of the Art Club to add a mural to the building surround. A date and time will be announced later, and they will accept  Volunteers to help paint, or donated supplies.
   The next meeting is scheduled for  Wednesday 21- October starting at 7:30p. The meetings will take place in the Bogota Boroughs Council Chambers located on the second floor of  Borough Hall located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ

 Sample of a "Give a Garden" raised bed.

World War I  Monument  near the site of the Community Garden.

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