Friday, July 24, 2020

Primary Elections results

 On Friday-24-July the Bergen County Board of Election will certify the results of the 2020 New Jersey Primary Elections. This year the voting was mainly done by mail-in ballot with ballots needing to be postmarked by Tuesday-7-July. There was also in person voting only for special need citizens. As of this writing Bergen County cast 142,857 votes.  
Candidates in green box  recieved the most votes when certified by Bergen County

Bogota Borough Council : Two seats for a three year term each.
Democratic Party
Incumbent Councilwoman Ms. Mary Ellen Murphy   655 votes
Ms.  Jo-Ellen Granquist                                                     567 votes
Ms. Susan Cruz                                                                    524 votes
 Mr. John Mitchell                                                              467 votes

Republican Party 
Incumbent Councilman Mr.  Thomas Napolitano       213 votes 
Mr. Robert Foster                                                               203 votes 

Bergen County Freeholder: Two seats for a three year term each.
Democratic Party
Incumbent Freeholder Ms. Joan Voss    63,655 votes
Mr. Ramon M. Hache                                 59,633 votes
Mr. Daniel T. Kim                                        17,030 votes
Ms. Patricia M. Henry                                15,202 votes
Ms. Laura K. Occhipinti                             14,482 votes
Mr. Edmund J. Fanning                             11,606 votes 

Republican Party
Ms Simone Tsigounis                                  31,418 votes 
Mr. Ronald Kistner                                      32,418 votes

President of the United States:  One four year term. (vote count in the Bergen County)
Democratic Party
Mr. Joseph Biden                      84,620  votes
Mr. Bernie Sanders                    15,242 votes

Republican Party
Incumbent President Mr. Donald Trump        34,167  votes  

United State Senate:  One six year term. (vote count in  Bergen County)
Democratic Party
Incumbent Senator Mr. Cory Booker      87,357 votes
Mr. Lawrence Hamm                                  11,793 votes

Republican Party
Mr. Rikin Mehta               17,349 votes
Mr. Hirsh Singh                  7,143 votes
Ms. Patricia Flanagan        6,781 votes 
Ms. Natalie Rivera              1,786 votes
Mr. Eugene Anagnos          1,073 votes 

United States House of Representatives:  One two year term

NJ Fifth district ( which includes Bogota and parts of Teaneck) 
Democratic Party
Incumbent Representative Mr. Josh Gottheimer    41,490 votes
Ms. Arati Kreibich                                                           17,714 votes

Republican Party
Mr Frank Pallotta      20,351 votes
Mr. John McCann      12,186 votes
Mr. James Baldini       3,938 votes
Mr. Hector Castillo      2,144 votes

NJ Ninth district ( which includes Ridgefield Park and parts of Teaneck) 
Democratic Party
Incumbent Representative Mr. Bill Pascrell    39,462 votes
Ms. Zinovia   Spezakis                                            7,084 votes
Mr. Alpaslam Basaran                                              968 votes

Republican Party
Mr. Billy Prempeh                                                  7,124 votes
Mr. Timothy Walsh                                                2, 528 votes

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