Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Bogota Council Meeting


On Thursday-3-March the Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the month of March.
  Two Items were opened for open discussion. The first was to renew the Swim Club lease for the 2022 season. The leased proposed was similar to last years lease. The swim club will not have a raise in payment, and will be pro-rated if the swim needs to close due to health concerns. This was passed by a 5-0 vote with one Council Member recusing them-self from voting. The lease will run until 31-January-2023.
   The next item discussed was to re-send the plans for the proposed Recreation Centre out for another bidding process. This is needed to find a contractor that will able able to perform the construction for the current budgeted cost. The first set of bid all  had a cost of over the budget set by Council.  At the Council Meeting on 17-February the Council was not able to pass an Ordinance to increase the bond for the Recreation Centre. The Council moved to have open discussion on whether to approve a motion to send the the designs out for new bids. This was approved by unanimous vote.  This also allows the Council to open negotiation with the contractor for minor changes to reduce the cost of the project. the Borough Attorney told the Governing body that structural changes to the main building , or the parking lot should not be considered.    
    All agenda items were passed by unanimous vote. A resolution of note was to approve the creation of a Lieutenant position for the Bogota Police Department.
  In the Reports section of the meeting, a few of Mayor Chris Kelemen announcements dealt with personal. The first was to announce the retirement  of the Bogota Recreation Department Director Mr. Jim Moore. Mr. Moore has served in this position for over 22 years. His retirement will go into affects at the end of May. Another announcement was the resignation of  Borough Clerk Ms. Jeanne Cook. The Council then approve Ms. Yenlys Flores-Bolivard be named Acting Borough Clerk. This was followed by the approval of placing an ad to fill the position of Deputy Clerk.  Also approved was an ad to applications to fill the position of Recreation Director.  These and, the announcement to fill the position of Borough Administrator, can be access on the Boroughs website at: bogotaonline.org/employment.
  One other item approved was to move the next Council meeting to Thursday-24-March. This will still be online and start at 7:30p
Log-in information to follow. For more information or to view the past meeting please visit their website at: www.bogotaonline.org

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