Monday, March 14, 2022

Medical Financial Assistance.


The family of Ms. Larissa Elvers , formally of Bogota, has set-up a funding page to assist with medical bills due to the health concerns of her expected baby.  This can be accessed at:
  Ms. Elvers (nee Schumylowych) and her Husdband Joel with their two Children are expecting a fifth member of the Family in May of 2022. Durning a routine 20-week ultrasound, they found out the baby was diagnosed with Spina Bifida (myelomeningocele), a serious birth defect that involves a lesion on the spine. This contributes toward our baby's additional diagnosis called hindbrain herniation (Chiari II malformation), a condition in which part of the brain is gradually pulled down and obstructs the flow of fluid between the brain and the spine. This can lead to fluid buildup in the brain called hydrocephalus and typically requires a shunt. Children with spina bifida experience a loss of normal functions in the body in varying degrees, based on the severity of their condition.
  They decided on a fetoscopic  surgery procedure provided by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. The operation took place on January 25th, 2022. This required the family to relocate their family from NJ to Maryland to be near the hospital. They may also be required to have the Family stay in Maryland even after the birth. Because the risk for preterm labor/delivery and other obstetrical complications are increased following surgery. This warrants constant monitoring through the duration of the surgery, post-surgery recovery, delivery, and post-delivery recovery and care for both the Mother and the Baby. They have estimated due date is in May of 2022.
 Thier first fundraising goal is $15,000. Relocation itself comes as a financial burden. However, it is not the only expense related to ensuring their baby receives the special care he/she needs, and expect the need to set additional fundraising goals as they move forward and learn precisely what the Baby's needs will be. Most Children, with spina bifida, continued treatment and therapies with various specialists as they grow and develops. They have had support, from several family members and friends who have taken an initiative to contribute funds toward our circumstances. They hope this fundraiser may reach a broader circle of friends in our community who may be interested in participating in our journey. 
 To contribute please go to:

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