Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Bogota Budget meeting

   On Thursday-24-2022 the Bogota Borough Council held their Capital Budget meeting for 2022. This was a chance for the Department Heads of the Borough's services to inform the Council of what some of their priorities are for the coming year. These were proposes placed before the Council members of  needs for the future. Some of the main ideas discussed was the need to replace vehicles and equipment that will soon need to be replaced. 
   The Department of Public Works expressed interested in a new main garbage truck. This would be used to collect recyclables, lawn trash, and be used at a snow plow in the Winter.  It was mention that one of the current truck is near its workable age, and is in need of constant repair.
  The Bogota Police Department told about the need to replace the portable radio. These will allow the Department to integrate their system to communicate with the Bergen County system.  
 The Volunteer Fire Department talked to the Council of replace one of the current Command vehicle due to its age.
   In some cases the older equipment, such as the garbage truck would be able to be sold and allow the Borough recoup some of the cost. In the case of the new Fire Dept. the current vehicle would be repurposed to be use by the Fire Dept. as an "As Needed" vehicle.
  None of the requests will be moved forward at this time. These, and other items, are subject to more discussion in the future. 
  The next Bogota Borough Council meeting will be on Thursday-3-March. This will start at 7:30p  and be available on line. Log-in information to follow. This meeting is open to the Public. 

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