Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Bogota Junior Police Academy Day 2


  On Monday-14-August Class 01 of the Bogota Junior Police Academy (BJPA) had their second Duty Day.  The Cadets form-up in the Steen Courtyard to start the day. When the final Cadet moved into formation, they marched down the ramp and into the David Moore Gym to begin more training. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the Cadets learn self defense techniques to be used if needed. Next  there was a presentation by the Bergen Country SWAT team in the Courtyard. They then continued their Drill and Ceremony training, so that can learn to move as on complete unit.  This was followed by classroom time with discussions about on life skills with a second class focused on the effects of vaping on the Human body.
   After lunch the Cadets had another presentation from a member of the Bergen County K-9 unit. Officer Jose Jimenez addressed the Cadets and explained what his duties are as part of the K-9 unit.  He said there were a number of different skills the dogs are trained for.  These include aiding their Humans to find drugs or explosives, helping to find lost, or missing people, and even to apprehend suspects. Officer Jimenez then brought in his dog Grim and started the search for an illegal substance. Once found   began scratching at a chair that had the sample under it.  The Officer Jimenez tossed Grim his toy which is the reward for completing his mission. Next Program Director Det. Micheal Laferrera put on a protective sleeve and posed as a suspect. When Grim was given the command, he ran towards Director Laferrera and grabbed the arm to hold him until Officer Jimenez intervened.
  The next situation the Cadets exposed was to hear from a prisoner from the Bergen County Jail.  He was escorted into the Gym by two uniformed Bogota Police Officers. The was dressed in an orange jump suit with handcuffs and shackles.  After a silent pause he talked about how some of the moments of his past that led him to be in this situation.  He talked in a hard and unedited voice wondering how things may have been different.  At the end of his talk the prisoner was walked out of the gym by the Police Officers. This was followed Director Laferrera speaking to the Cadet about all life decision have consequents.  He continued in saying that one of the goals of the Academy is to teach the Cadets how to make informed choices in everyday situation. 
  The final task of the Duty Day was more Physical Training. The last part was to have the Squads compete in a relay race.  Each Cadet had to run to the length of the Moore Gym and do a set of exercises then return to tag the next Squad member.  The squad whose last member crossed the starting line first would be the winner. Bravo Squad would claim the victory. 


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