Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Rescue Duty Day


 Wednesday- 16-August was the 4th day of the Bogota Junior Police Academy in the morning the Cadets had their water rescue Duty Day. This took place in the Bogota Swim Club Pool with members of the Bogota Volunteer Rescue Squads. The Squads were assigned to four different stations. One was to learn how to safely remove a victim that may be trapped in a vehicle. Cadets donned turnout suits, work gloves along with head and eye protection. They were shown how to break into a closed window easily, and which tools to use to clear all the remaining glass for both the rescuers and victims’ safety. They also used the equipment to pry open a stuck door Along with the tool that can cut through the roof supports to remove the entire top for the removal of the occupant from the vehicle.     The next station was to simulate a confined space extraction. This was to teach how to safely remove a victim from an enclosed space. The Cadets put on eye and head safety gear. Another part of their equipment was oxygen tanks that may be needed in extreme situations. The Cadets took turns as the crawl team, which would go into the situation to remove the victim, also a Cadet. The crawl team placed and secured the victim to a back board. They moved the victim to the opening while other Cadets became the Pull Team to assist in pulling the victim to safety. The space was made up of traffic bearers and plywood. To add realism Instructors would randomly spray water on the crawl team to challenge their focus. 

   A third Station was the Scuba instruction. This was used to help teach the Cadets how to move in unfamiliar environments with confidence. Members of Blue Water Diving instructed the Cadet how to dress in SCUBA gear and given lessons on how to breathe and move underwater. Then they circled the South end of the pool, submerged the entire time. At times, the instructors would place a weight at the bottom of the pool so the Cadet can receive it.
   The fourth station was to teach how a person on land can rescue a victim in the water. Half of the squad were to jump off the high board so they could be saved by the others throwing them a life preserver. A few Cadets hesitated and were wary of going off the high board. The Cadet were reinsured by the Instructors that they would be safe. After a few moments of listening to the Instructors and encouragement from Squad Mates each Cadet would take the step into the air and safely land in the water. As the Cadet jumped into the water to the cheers, and congratulations of the fellow Cadets. This was an example of the principals of the Academy. Trust, teamwork, and pushing oneself beyond what they thought they could do and accomplishing their goals.

The Bogota Fire Department, and all the other Emergency Service Companies in Bogota are now currently recruiting new members to become volunteers. This is open to anyone Female or Male who are at least 18 years of age, and are residents of Bogota as well as Ridgefield Park, Teaneck, and Hackensack. Training and equipment will be provided. There is also a Junior Firefighter program open to young Women, and Men who at least 16 years of age. A Junior Firefighter will also receive training and be a part of the support system to the Firefighters themselves. For more information about volunteering please go to: bogotafire.org/ or call; 201-342-1736 ext. 2007. There is also a meeting the 1st Wednesday of each month at the W. Broad St. Firehouse from 7:00-8:00p.

To Volunteer for either of these Department please visit them at the following site.

Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept:  http://www.bogotafire.org/
Bogota Rescue Squad: BogotaRescue@gmail.com

For more information about Blue Water Divers is available at: https://www.bluewaterdivers.com/

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