Thursday, August 17, 2023

Bogota Junior Police Academy Day 4 part 1


    On Wednesday-16-August the Bogota Junior Police Academy had a late Duty Call at the Bogota Swim Club Pool. This would be one of the hardest tests for the Academy Cadets.  It started as a scavenger hunt, that was also a review of what they have learned so far.  Seven stations were set-up around the pool area. Each Squad needed to read a set of clues that instructions them on which station to go to.  At each station had an Instructor, with one involving members of the Bogota Rescue Squad.  The task arranged from answering questions, preforming a water rescue, and forming a bucket brigade. Others were the need to display how to follow drill orders, physical training, or self-defense moves. At each station the Squad Leader was given a token if the task was performed correctly.  The final challenge was to assemble the tokens at the main flagpole.  When Bravo Squad finished building a small flag stand, and adding the American Flag they were declared the winners. 
    After a small break Class 01 was told to assemble in the shallow end of the pool.  This was followed by a series of exercises.  While this was going on a few Cadets were asked to move to the Western end of the Swim Club parking lot.  They were welcomed to be the main ingredient of an Academy Baking Class.  With the Cadets serving as the base a number of toppings were added. These included soft ice cream, floor, whipped cream, and topped with rainbow sprinkles.  The Cadets then were commanded to stir the mixture that was on the top of their head. Once the Instructor were satisfied with the results the group move to be rinsed off with a light spray from a firehose.
  From here they asked to return to the flagpole and dry off to await the final task of the evening.  The first part was to hear from Program Director Det. Micheal Laferrera who commended the Cadets on their effort during each Duty Day. He continued in saying how their performance and teamwork on this night was proof that they are strong enough to not only join the Academy but to show the heart needed to succeed at it.
  Then Director Laferrera, escorted by Program Coordinator Ms. Elizabeth Wiskus, presented each Cadet with their Academy Dog Tag as an honour in being a member of Class 01 of the Bogota Junior Police Academy. 

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