Thursday, June 6, 2024

Steen Dance Day

On Wednesday-5-June, the Lillian M. Steen School continued their “Week of the Arts” program. This day was to show different type of dance styles. It took place in the David Moore Gymnasium for the all the Students attending. The program was hosted by Ms. Catherine DeLorenzo, the Dance and Movement Teacher that the Bogota Middle School. Ms. DeLorenzo talked about some of the different dance styles the Students will perform. The Dancers on stage are part of the Bogota Middle School Dance Team.
  The first group did a Lyrical style in which the choreography followed the words in the music that was playing. This was followed by two duets. They would use dance to tell a story. Starting with the Duets, all the following performances were choreographed by members of the Dance Team. Then a pair of Trio numbers were shown, using Contemporary and Hip-Hop music.
 The final dance was another ensemble performance which combined different styles, and movement in the choreography. This would also feature a few Gymnastic moves for a more dynamic action on stage.
The finale was a traditional folk dance. With a solo performance by Ms. Mary Grace Kennedy doing several Irish Steps Dances.
 At the end of the program members of the Dance Team, and Ms. Kennedy came to the front of the Stage. Then Students from Steen presented Ms. DeLorenzo, and Ms. Kennedy with gifts to thank them for their performance.
  With all the dancers in the front of the Stage they answered questions from the Students. The performers were asked when they started dancing. How long does it take to learn a dance. What is something they liked about being in the Dance Team, and do they want to keep dancing.
 Some of the dancers talked about how they have been learning dance for a few years, while others said this year was the first time they have taken dancing lessons. They said that to learn a dance can be done quickly, but to rehearse and to do the dance without mistakes takes a lot more time. They liked being on the Dance Team so they can express themselves in dance, and also being able to make new friends. All of the Middle School Students said that they want to keep dancing in the High School and for many years after. 

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