Thursday, June 13, 2024

E Roy Bixby Class of 2024

  On Wednesday-12-June, the E. Roy Bixby School in Bogota held their Promotion Ceremony for the Class of 2024. This was held in the Bixby courtyard, under a blue and white balloon arch. 
  Mr. Henry Guaman led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. He would then introduce Bixby Principal Mr. Damon Englese. Principal Englese congratulated the Students for their achievements in school. He asked the Students to carry the lessons they learned at Bixby as they move on to the next part of their Education. Principal Englese said he too is moving on as well, to become the Superintendent of the Fairview School District next year.
 Next, Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy talked about the Students years in Bixby and building the foundation of Academic and Personal success. He said like growing plants that requires years of nurturing; the Students may feel that only a little growth has taken place. Then after years of dedication and perseverance the results of hard work will be shown.
 Then the Student Speakers addressed the audience. First was Ms. Elena Valentin who talked about her experience at Bixby School. How the school may have seen to take a long-time doing schoolwork but balanced by the Friendship and memories that passed quickly. While some challenges may have been difficult, she quoted Winnie the Pooh saying, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.”
 Then Ms. Olivia Infante talked about entering school in kindergarten and meeting new friends and Teachers. She then recalled all the events that made being in school so memorable.
 Both Students thanked Principal Englese along with the Teachers, and Staff at Bixby School. They also thanked their Parents and Families for supporting them. And wished their classmates the best in the upcoming future.
  This was followed by the presentation of a number of school awards. The first was the Principal's Caring Award. This was given to Ms. Elena Valentin. Next was the Bogota VFW Post # 5561 Award for Highest Academic Achievement. Two Students Ms. Elena Valentin and Ms. Olivia Infante would be presented with these awards. Other awards presented were the: Achievement Award, Citizenship Award, Leadership Award, Sportsmanship, PTO Creative Writing, PTO Artistic, Safety Patrol, Student Council, and Perfect Attendance.
  One more honor was then presented by Ms. Chelsea Nagurka. She was a former teacher at Bixby School, who currently works as the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services for the District. Ms. Nagurka talked about the guidance, advice, experience, and friendship that Principal Englese brought in the ten years he was at the E. Roy Bixby School. She graduated on his new appointment and asked him to step forward to receive a memento to thank him for all he has done for the school.
  Finally, the time came to have the 2024 Fifth Grade Class of the E. Roy Bixby school receive their Certificates of Promotion from Principal Englese. When the final certificate was presented, the Students were introduced, and given a round of applause from those in attendance.
  As the Students walked the recessional to “Simply the Best” Principal Englese followed them to share some more time with the Students.
  A group photo with members of the District, and Board of Education was taken. Mr. Englese stood next to incoming Principal Ms. Priscilla Ortiz who will start at the E. Roy Bixby School in July.
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