Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bogota High School Class of 2024


 On Friday-14-June, the Bogota High School Class of 2024 held their Commencement Ceremony in Speary Gym. Principal Dr. Jeannie Paz welcomed the attendees to the 97th graduating class in the school's history with 91 Seniors.
  The program started with Ms. Makayla Douglas giving the Flag Salute. Next was Mr. Joshua Friedman leading in singing the National Anthem. This was followed by Principal Paz telling the Student that in her first year as Principal she saw the classes unique individuality, showing their resilience and potential. She was followed by Superintendent of Bogota Schools Mr. Damian Kennedy who mentioned how this group of Seniors needed to overcome different obstacles over their school career. He congratulated them for not allowing a Global Pandemic, Wildfires in Canada, Earthquakes, even the storm and the brief power surge that forced the moved the into the gym to stop them from enjoying this event. He continued in saying that the 91 Seniors had 110 acceptances from Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools. With over 9.3 million dollars in Scholarships and awards. Superintendent Kennedy asked four Seniors, Ms. Anabel Jimenez, Ms. Makayla Douglas, Mr. David Castillo, and Mr. Joshua Gesmundo to stand up. He said that they have also earn an associate degree from Bergen Community College while completing their Senior year.
 The next speaker was the Salutatorian Ms. Anabel Jimenez Lora. She started with remembering first entering Bixby School, enjoying making friends, meeting the Teachers, attending events, and going on field trips. She admitted not wanting to take the naps that the School Nurse recommended. Then moving to Middle School making more friends and having bigger field trips. But the need to work harder in class made the idea of regular naps convenient.
  When entering High Schools there were even harder classes, but also more social event and the chance of competing in Varsity Sports. She added that attending a small local school like Bogota the events are shared with all the other Students. In ending Ms. Jimenez would quote Bad Bunny: In life the one truth is everything changes, but the good stays the same. She then thanked her family and congratulated her Classmates.
  Next the Bogota Concert Band played “Bink’s Sake” under the direction of Mr. David Abraham.
  The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Jim Dorey, President, and COO of Inserra Supermarkets. He started by looking at the other Students and Audience members and asked them to think about how they have supported the Graduates to help to get to this moment. More advice was to seek out guidance, when possible, allow yourself to support growth in others, which could allow you to grow more. Mr. Dorey added the future has no limits and helping the community in the way best for you. And always try to Keep learning and growing.
   In the Valedictorian address Ms. Zaara Ahmed talked about the Milestone for her Classmates and herself. This day is to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2024. Ms. Ahmed recalled the challenge of needing to start High School on a Crome Book, and the perseverance to make it to this day. She would than thanked all the Families for lifting the spirits of the Student. Along with the Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and others for being a part of their journey through Bogota High School.
   This was followed by the Bogota High School Choir singing " I’ll Always Remember You" under the Direction of Mr. Michael Prachthauser.
 Then all the Seniors  of 2024 would be rewarded with their Diplomas.
 Members of the Student Council Ms. Anabel Jimenez Lora, Ms. Makayla Douglas Ms. Shahd Mohamed, and Mr. Paul Vargas led the Graduates in the Ephebic Oath. Then they announced their class gift to the school will be an awning for Feigel Field Fieldhouse.
  Ms. Darli Gonzalez led the Graduates in singing of the Alma Mater. And Class President Ms. Makayla Douglas led the Graduates in moving their tassels from the right to the left, as they counted down for the cap toss signaling they have become the latest Alumni of the Bogota High School.
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