Friday, June 21, 2024

Dinosaur Show


 On Thursday-20-June, the Bogota Public Library hosted a Dinosaur event in Olsen Park. This was presented by the Field Station Dinosaurs of Overpeck Park. To begin the show, it was said that there is a State Dinosaur of New Jersey. This is called a Hadrosaurus, whose fossilized bones were first discovered in the 1830’s, then an, almost, complete skeleton was excavated in 1858 near Haddonfield New Jersey.
 Dinosaur Wrangler Chris then walked around with a baby Hadrosaurus, so the Students and Parents could see it up close.
 Next Ranger Kira had a book of some of the different types of Dinosaurs, she would show the pictures to the Students so they could say what it was called. Then she would sing a song with about one theory of why there are no Dinosaurs now.
 Then the last part of the show was to bring out the Tyrannosaurus rex to meet those in attendance. Being a young T-Rex it was a little shy. So, Kira played a song to bring the Dinosaur out. When the Students and Parents sang along the T-Rex walked out. Ranger Blake then asked if the audience could name what type of food a T-Rex would eat. Four Students volunteered and held up a variety of food to eat. One volunteer had a carrot. The T-Rex sniffed it and walked away. Then move to an ant, it just shook its head. Next there was a fish and did not like the smell. Finaly, it smelled a Student’s hand, just before nibbling it Ranger Blake stopped the Dinosaur from taking a bite. They audience learned that a Tyrannosaurus rex was a meat eater.
 Next the Students and the Dinosaur held a roaring contest. At first the T-Rex had the loudest roar. When everyone in attendance roared together the young Dinosaur tried to hide. But all the Students comforted the T-Rex and made it happy again. Then the audience waved good-bye as the T-Rex when home.
 Information about Field Station Dinosaurs can be found at:
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The Bogota Public library is located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ. 

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