Friday, June 21, 2024

Primary Results


On Monday-17-June the Bergen County Board of Election certified the Primary Elections from Tuesday-4-June 2024

  More information on voting in this year's election can be found at:
  The Bergen County Board of Elections is in need for Poll Workers for the 2024 Elections. Information on becoming a poll worker can be found at:
                                         (Candidates are listed in order of most votes)
                                                    *Indicates an Incumbent Candidate       
Bogota Borough Council two three-year terms.
- For the Democratic party: 
Ms. Consuelo Carpenter*     355 votes
Mr. William Hordern            245 votes
Ms. Jo-Ellen Granquist         192 votes 
Mr. Robert Robbins*             148 votes
- For the Republican party: 
Mr. Marco Navarro               167 votes
 Ms. Tracy Zur*                       36,678 votes
- For the Republican party: 
Mr. Michael Joseph                27,077 votes
Mr. Dave Plotkin                     26,823votes
Bergen County Sheriff one, three-year terms
- For the Democratic party: 
 Mr. Anthony Cureton*           46,755 votes
- For the Republican party: 
 Mr. Robert Kugler                   27,682 votes
United States House of Representatives
5th Congressional District
One two-year term
- For the Democratic party:
 Mr. Josh Gottheimer *           36,899 votes
- For the Republican party: 
Ms. Mary Jo Guinchard           15,652 votes   
Mr. George Song                          4,155 votes 
United States Senate
New Jersey
One six-year term
- For the Democratic party: 
Mr. Andy Kim                                   40,507 votes
Ms. Patricia Campos-Medina          6,449 votes
Mr. Lawrence Hamm                         3,943 votes
- For the Republican party:  
Ms. Christine Serrano Glassner     21,125 votes
Mr. Justin Murphy                             4,243 votes
Mr. Curtis Bashaw                              3,782 votes
Mr. Albert Harshaw                            3,782 votes
United States President
One four-year term
- For the Democratic party: 
Mr. Joseph Biden*                    43,619 votes
Uncommitted                               5,535 votes
Ms. Terrisa Bukovinac               2,463 votes
- For the Republican party:
 Mr. Donald Trump                   29,493 votes
The 2024 United States General Elections will be held on Tuesday-5-November
Polls in New Jersey will open at 6:00a to 8:00p


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