Monday, December 5, 2011

Bogota Football

    Last night there was the end of season dinner for the Bogota Varsity Football team. This is a chance for the team gather one more time, and recall the season that has just pasted. Wins and the good  plays were remembered. While the losses were thought of and jokes of who could have made a better play than his teammate. Coach Nick DeStefano handed out the Varsity Letters  to the players who had earned them over the course of the year. He talked about which players had improved, and what should be expected from them in the next year. Coach DeStefano  pointed out who he had brought into the program from his " Cafeteria Recruiting", and how they became football players as the season processed. Most of the talk was of how a 3 and 6 season made not be seen as a step forward, but with a program that had to suspend it's season a year ago, and only four starters graduating, the Coach could not stop talking about the pride he felt coaching these young men.  One of the important point is that Coach DeStefano is returning to coach the 2012 season and take the football team to the next stage in their development.
   In addition to the Varsity Letters Coach DeStefano had some individual awards for some of the players.
- Dean Pella won the 'Pride" trophy for the most time developing his strength in the workouts.
- Cristian Celones  was given the "Persistence" award.
- Gabe Suarez  earned the " Most Improved Player" award.
- Devin Rogers was given the "H.O.G.S." trophy standing for  Hands On he Ground Stud for his work on the Offence Line.
- Ben Pozo was named the " Defensive Player of the Year"
- Christian  Perpeaj was named the " Offensive Player of the Year"
- Rey Pella  was awarded  the trophy for being named the teams "Most Valuable Player" and was given a hard earned Standing Ovation for his teammates, friends, and parents in attendance.
A possibility of some of the players being honoured on a League basis will be found out at a latter date. 
  Then Coach DeStefano handed out Certificates to some of the Parents for their hard work and commitment in helping make the return of Bogota Football a success for the year of 2011 on, and off the field.  A Highlight movie was shown to close out the dinner. The end of the 2011 Football Season, may have ended, but the return of Bogota Football is continuing.

Teammates, and Family watching the player get their Certificates of their Varsity Letters 

Coach Nick DeStefano Thanking the Players, & Parents for all the work
during the past season.

Gabe Suarez getting his " Most Improved" Trophy

Dean Pella getting his "Pride" Trophy

 Ben Pozo getting his " Defensive Player of the Year' Trophy 

 Robert & Terri Robbins along with ....

...Lisa Pella only two of the many Parents that were also given Certificates by Coach DeStefano
to thank them  for all the work the parents did through out the Football Season. 

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