Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in review August - September

Year in review August - September
 The Bogota High School Football team returned to the practice field after the 2010 season was cut short due to too many injures to the varsity squad. With another new coach , Nick DeStefano, the Bucs started the hard work of a true rebuilding year.

 Mr Evaristo Burdiez Jr. was sworn in as the newest Bogota Councilman to replace Tara Sharp. Ms Sharp resigned for personal reasons earlier in the year.

  27- Aug-2011
 One of the more trying time for the Borough was when Hurricane Irene swept over the town. Being fortunate Bogota had no loss of any of it's citizen, and only repairable damage. Some power was loss, with all of the emergency & public works services putting in the extra hours to help the people of Bogota get through the storm. 

The Borough loss another member of it's community with the sudden death of Council Joseph Noto. A longtime public servant he will be remembered by Family  and Friends.


 The High School Bucs returned to the field of play, even if it was an overtime loss to Emerson. However it is the start of a new chapter in Bogota Football.

 St.Joseph Church held a tenth Remembrance for those who were lost on that day. It was also a chance to honour the members of the Bogota Emergency Service, and all First Responders for the service to the Community.

   End of Sept.-2011
Was a time to celebrate, and  strengthen community ties with a number of actives.  The annual St. Joseph Carnival, The Hose #1 Mum Sale, and the town wide Garage sale, all showed the best of what life in a small town can be like. Also a good day for High School Sports, as both the Football team had hard fought victory over Weekhawken, and the Lady Bucs Volleyball team showed how their season will be like with a 2-0 victory against Park Ridge. 

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