Wednesday, December 28, 2011


   Bogota Blog NJ is looking for some participants in a survey on the new uniform policy in the High School. I would like the opinion of the parents of , as well as the students who, go the  Bogota Jr/Sr High School. I have a questionnaire that can be e-mailed to anyone who want to answer them. I ask that any student under the age of 18, or attending Bogota High School have their parent ,or guardian send permission to Bogota Blog NJ first.
I hope to have the results  by the end of winter break in February. No names will be used  in the results. An example is :  Parent of a Senior Girl, or A Junior Boy so I can keep it as confidential as possible. I have spoken to some Parents privately and they think it is a interesting idea. I hope I can provide a useful service to the Borough.
  Please contact me at if you like to participate.
  Stephen Mazzella
  Bogota Blog NJ

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