Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decoration Contest

   Bogota Blog NJ is holding it's first type of contest and would like some submissions from the readers of their houses decorated for Christmas.  There will be Four Categories.
-Best use of Figures ( inflatable, or solid) it does not matter if they are moving I an looking for Photos videos will NOT be excepted.
- Best use of a single colour.
- Best use of multi- colour.
- Best overall decorations.
Submit your photos with the subject "Contest"  to bogotablognj@gmail.com
Please choice a single category to enter in , and submit one (1) photo only. The photos should be in jpeg 4x6 @300dpi. They may be Portrait or Landscape. Please include your name and address, and e-mail. The photos will be posted in the "Feature" section of the blog and they will be ID buy a letter and street name . ie
 Best single colour:
 A) Elm Ave.
In case of more than one on the same street in will be  Elm ave #1, Elm Ave #2 etc.
I will post the first five in each category I receive.  and submission  must be in by Tues 20- Dec.
Voting will take place from the time I post the first photo to Sat. 24-Dec.
Submit your vote with the subject " Vote" to bogotablognj@gmail.com
Voting on Bogota Blog NJ's facebook page will also be accepted.
Please keep this in the spirit of fun & sharing with the Borough in is meant to be.
I am not sure of a prizes at this time .

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