Thursday, December 15, 2011

Council Meeting

15- Dec-2011
   Some highlights of the Borough Council meeting on Thurs. 15- Dec-2011.
- Tax Assessor spoke to the council on the portability of a having to re-value, or reassess the properties within the Boroughs limits. There will be further reports, and studies to determined what action will need to be taken .
- Councilman Brophy recommended a committee to help promote more volunteerism with-in the Borough.
- Councilman Jackson reported on the condition of Elm Ave along the brook below the CSX tracks to see about getting the rail company to help clear debris on CSX property. As well as the condition of the Kennedy EMS building.
- Mayor McHale reported the he is in contact with Eastern Concrete Co. to help supply materials for the proposed band shell in Olsen Park.
When the floor was opened to the public Outgoing Chief Woegen  express his anger and disappointment that more members of the council, along with Mayor Mchale did not attend  the Fire Chief election. Councilman Brophy also expressed his regret that more elected officials failed to attend this ceremony. The Mayor and those members of council who did not attend apologized  to Chief Woegen.


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