Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exotic Fruit tasting

 Wednesday 16- March

   On Tuesday 15-March the Bogota Public Library held a  taste testing of exotic fruit from  around the world. This was presented by Denise Roberts, who brought around a dozen plants to sample. Some may have been more familiar than others. The more known items were the Blood Orange, with it similar test and texture to the more common fruit but with a brighter red colour of  its flesh. Along with a Guava which when peeled and cut is close to a Cantaloupe looking type of fruit.  The more exotic looking choices included a Dragon Fruit, Jackfruit, and Sweet Tamarind.  The Dragon Fruit from part of East, and South Asia has a pointed oval shape with a mostly smooth skin with curls extra skin protruding from it’s body.  It has a semi firm  white flesh sprinkled with black seeds. With a very delicate taste it can be used as an additive to salads. Another was a  Jackfruit  which grows native to the Indian Subcontinent is one of the most varsities of plants. Not only  can it’s inner core be eaten by itself, but the outer pulp can be  shredded and cooked like Pulled Pork. The tree that it grows on is also strong enough to build with. The Sweet Tamarind, from SE Asia, North Africa and India has a hard outer shell both looking and breakable like a peanut. But the inside has seeds with in that are not eatable, however the fig like substance surround the seeds can be ingested by holding the seed within one mouth and sucking off the pulp. This fruit is is a natural source of sugar and vitamin B.
  All have the fruits displayed have many medical and heath benefits.  Many are high in antitoxins while others aid with digestion, and could assist in controlling blood sugars which would lessen the affect of diabetes.
   Ms Roberts told how all this fruit can be locally and Farmer Market type stores, along with gourmet supermarkets. Since many are imported that cost is higher than common fruits, she suggest that trying a different one each week as a supplement should be tried.  Some can be eaten as a snack, while other can be added as ingredients to favorite dishes, while other can be made into smoothies as a drink. Her thought is that the introduction of these types of fruits into an everyday diet could be useful as a preventive to illness, and allow for a more healthier life style.

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