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26- March-2016

   Some items of local interested.

   Bogota Blog NJ has learn that the Bogota Board of Education has passed a Budget for the school year 2016- 2017  that has a 0% property tax increase. This was done at a Special Meeting held on Monday 21-March

   Steen School is looking to have their annual Students vs Faculty  Volleyball and Basketball games. This is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 21-April. They are looking for anyone to volunteer to organise and rub this event. This has been ah chance for the 5th & 6st Grade Student play against the Faculty of Steen School. The Volleyball Match is the girls taking on the Women Teachers. Then the Boy Students play a co-ed team at basketball.  This will be s fund raiser for the Steen 6th grade class of 2016.Anyone who is interested in assisting with this event should contact Kristin Meberg at: . If they can find no one to organize this the event may be cancelled.

     (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

  Steen School will be having a Spring Cleaning of its School Garden and the area surround the school. This is to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the Student Garden Club at Steen. The are looking for Volunteers of any age to help spruce up Steen for the coming Spring.  They will be assisted by the Steen PTO,  Bogota Beautiful and the Bogota Environmental Commission.  The goal of this event is to rebuild some of the planting beds in the garden, weed and trim overgrowth from the Winter. They will also remove trash from around the school grounds, and small plantings.  It is recommended anyone volunteering wear sturdy shoes, pants and shirts. Work gloves will also be beneficial.  Any volunteer with their own gardening equipment, or lawn bags are asked to bring them to use. There is no need to register to volunteer, they will welcome anyone who wishes to help for the whole time, or even an hour.

         (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

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