Thursday, March 31, 2016

Container Gardens


    On Tuesday 29- March Denise Roberts host a workshop to show how to set-up small containers in order to have a garden in limited space. This is suitable for anyone who does not have access to a large plot of land, or just wants to have an indoor garden as well. These could be used in any room that has a good amount of natural light during the day. Another benefit is containers can be started earlier in the growing season then moved outdoors after the last frost has occurred. Ms. Roberts explained that almost any container that is strong enough to stand on its own with soil in it could be used. From Standard pots to old coffee can, and mason jars to even old shoes. This containers all need to prepared that same way cleaned from the previous use  and with a base of stones to assist with drainage, and fresh soil. The container should be filled close to the edge, so allow for some settlement when water is added, then seeds following the instruction on the package, and finally enough water to soak the soil, without overflowing.
   Some of the benefit to using a smaller container can be easy of maintenance, being able to water and prune at a reachable length, and if planted with herbs, the ability to bring it into the kitchen for cooking purposes.

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