Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Thank-you


   On Saturday 19-March the Bogota Fine Arts Dept, and the Bogota High School Drama Club presented their closing night performance of " My Fair Lady".  At the end of the evening the Students Actors & Crew presented thank-yous to those that assisted in this year's production.  I, unfortunately was on assignment for the Cliffside Park Citizen at the time. I fortunately have a Daughter in the cast " Maid #2" and she was able to accept the  thank-you gift on my behalf from the Students.  I want to thank them for allowing me to take part in their High School experience.  Over the past years part of Bogota Blog NJ was the coverage of the events associated with  Bogota High School. From Sports and Arts, to Community Service and Academic achievement it is my honour to cover these Students and watch them grow and develop into fine Adults. I humbly accept this honour and thank them for the help and support they bring , not only to Bogota Blog NJ, but to the Borough of Bogota as well.

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