Friday, September 23, 2016

Bogota Beautiful

   On Wednesday 21- September Bogota Beautiful held their monthly board meeting.  The first item discussed was  Bogota Beautiful to start a community theatre group in Bogota. Chairperson Amaru Bustamante addressed their decisions to postpone the production of " High School Musical"  He talked about trying to do this event in such a short span of time. Mr Bustamante said that it is more important to do such a project correctly, and with as much local support as possible. He added that one of the goals of doing a musical is to introduce younger members of Bogota to Bogota Beautiful. This part of the project was more successful because members of  Bogota Beautiful had the opportunity to interact with High School, and College age residents of the Borough and took the chance to learn about what concerns they have about living in Bogota. This also  opened the door for those same Student to take the lead in running, organizing, and managing a project in today's world.
  Mr. Bustamante continued to say that the goal of starting a local theatre group is still something they are interested in, and can now take the time to secure funding, and personal to have a successful production. 
   Next the board members heard from Nancy Guaman of the Bogota Community Garden Committee. She first told the members that the Garden Committee will be holding a Fall clean-up of the garden. This will be held on Saturday 24-September starting at 9:00a. The purpose of this was to do basic maintenance of the garden space both inside and outside of the enclosed area.  They want to do simple weeding of the un-rented boxes and path ways. They are also looking to trim and de-weed the area surrounding the garden itself.  They will be accepting any volunteers to help with the clean-up. They are also looking for anyone who assists them to allow them the use of a power trimmer , or mower. For anyone interest in helping on Saturday please contact the Garden Committee at:
   Ms. Guaman also express concern of the lack of support the garden has received from local government. While the Garden Committee is taking responsibility for maintaining the inside of the fenced area, she talked about the condition of the area around the garden. Grass and other invasive vegetation has gone uncut for a number months. She also said that the rain barrels have gone to seriously low levels. Ms. Guaman mention that when the garden was open a number of local official gave a commitment to support the garden when possible.  She talked about contacting the Borough to at least arrange for a water deliver for the rain barrels with no response from them. Her next step is to bring up her concerns at the next Environmental Commission meeting, and the next Borough Council meeting as well.
   Isabel Bustamante then gave an update on their Best Home Curb Appeal Contest. She said that voting will close at the end of September and winners announced at the being of October. To vote for the best home please go to: . Other events in the  planning stages are a second "Walk with the Mayor" for sometime in October and possible partnership with  the  Bogota Recreation Centre on a Halloween Festival in Mid-October. 
   For more information about these and other Bogota Beautiful project please visit their website at:

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