Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Garage Sale

   On Saturday- 24- September the Bogtoa Band Parents sponsored their annual Town-Wide Garage sale. The official participates' fee to be include as part of the sale will go to help fund activities of the Bogota Marching Buccaneer Band for this school year.  Sellers  in all points of the Borough offer a variety of goods to those who stopped and looked. Items from Children clothes and toys, to unwanted home goods and other decorations could be purchased at low prices. Shoppers included families looking to have a walk around Bogota on a Fall  afternoon to see if there is anything of interest , or just fun to buy. College Students and  young couples needing things that can personalize their living space. A few collectors also to advantage of people wanted to get rid of unwanted things which may be desired by others. In recent years some of the participates  have offered original Artwork  from pottery, to photographer, and painting  showing off the creative side of Bogota.

this photo courtesy of Rita Flores
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