Monday, September 26, 2016

Community Garden

   On Saturday -24 September members of the Bogota Community Garden volunteered their time to perform some Fall maintenance in the garden.  Lead by garden committee chairwoman Nancy Guaman they pulled weeds and removed debris from the garden paths and some of the planters. They also took the time to plant some fall flowers on the unrented planters. Ms. Guaman  noted the most recent work by the Bogota DPW in mowing around the garden. She said they lawn was trimmed closer to the fencing, with out any damage to the flowers planted there. This allowed the volunteers to spend more in the garden itself. Her on only concerns are to arrange a supply of water for the rain barrels, when needed, and a Mulberry bush starting to invade the fencing. 
  With in the garden can be seen a variety of fruits and vegetables. Several different types of tomatoes and melons are barring fruit, along with  eggplants, corn, and okra can be seen growing.  The Bogota Community Garden is now accepting applications for renting a planter box for next years growing season.   For information about renting a planter from the Bogota Communtiy Garden please contact them at:

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