Monday, September 26, 2016

Service Day

   On Sunday -25-September the World Mission Society Church of God held their Service day for 2016. Members of the Church offered and assisted a number of residents in Bogota who needed help with basic yard care.  The Church contacted Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen, and the Bogota Senior Citizen Committee  to inquire if they knew of anyone who would want with their home.  The members of the Church then separated in smaller groups to cover as many home as possible. At residents home they performed tasks from racking  the first leaves of Autumn to weeding, and removing plants that have died, or otherwise unwanted. As the groups walked from location to location they also pick-up any trash they encounter to be deposed of properly.
   The groups then returned to their Church at 160 Palisades Ave for a Lunch break. Mayor Kelemen, Councilman Michael Connors and Carmen Diaz were the guest at this lunch. After lunch all of the volunteers and guest assemble on the front steps of the Church to thank each other. Mayor Kelemen thank the volunteers for helping  the Citizens of Bogota who needed assists. And the Volunteers thank the Mayor for giving them a chance to give back to the people of the Borough.

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