Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bogota Bucs Football

 On Saturday 5-November The Bogota Football Bucs played their final game of the season. They hosted North Arlington at Feigel Field.  This was the Senior Game for Bogota and class of 2017 members of the Football, Cheerleading, Baton, and Band where honoured. The Seniors Students also had the chance to thank their Parents for the support they were given over the years.
   The game started with Bogota Quarterback Andrew Miller throwing an intersection on the Bucs first possession  of the game. This lead to an early Vikings score. A long kickoff return by Michael Martinez lead to Bogota's first Touchdown by Jaquan O'Neal.  That would be the first of Bogota's  41 unanswered points on a way to a 41-6 win.  Bogota also received major scores from Chris Alcantara, Mr. Martinez, and more from Mr. O'Neal to finish their season with a victory in front of Family and Friends.
   Bogota ends their season with a record of 2-6

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