Friday, November 18, 2016

The Future....


    As most viewers of this blog may know by now,  Gannett Media has discontinued the Bogota Bulletin.  This, and almost two dozens other community news paper, will no longer be available in print and digital form. There has been anger and disappointment expressed by residents about this move.  Six years ago Bogota Blog NJ was started  in order to fill the gaps of Bogota news, events, and sports that was not covered in other media outlets. This gap has now grown for the near future. Normally Bogota Blog NJ would re-post a story about Bogota that would be first seen in the Bulletin or the Bergen Record. Instead Bogota Blog NJ  has written an open letter to its readers. 
    Bogota Blog NJ will continue to work with other media outlets, as well as posting as many original stories as possible. Presently Bogota Blog NJ is in collaboration with the Cliffside Daily Voice which allows some of their stories to be re-posted here and in response  Bogota Blog NJ  will share some of its first run stories to be used in the Daily Voice. This blog will try and do it best to continue share the stories of life in and around this Borough. The main focus of Bogota Blog NJ will still be  to capture a visual record of the people and places in Bogota.  There will still be stories to tell, and images to share, Bogota Blog NJ will be a part of that for as much as possible.
   Some adjustments will be needed made in order to assist in this effort, when possible, Bogota Blog NJ would like to have at least a month notice of any local events that are open to the public. This will give the event a chance to be listed for at least three to four times on various  daily posting.  This will also allow for better scheduling in covering those event. Another adjustment will be that any "Letter to the Editor" or other submitted opinion correspondence will be posted no earlier than five day after receiving it.  Also, as mention in previous  post,  Bogota Blog NJ is seeking  a volunteer reporter to cover Borough Council, and Board of Education meeting. The ideal candidate is a Student  majoring in journalism, or political science.  This who would allow that person to receive experience in political, and community journalism and have a platform for their work to be seen.  
   Currently Bogota Blog NJ has been very fortunate to have some of its viewers submit stories and photos that the blog did not have time to cover by itself.  This may also need to be expanded in the near future. This type of support from the residents of Bogota is very important and always appreciated. 
  It is hope that Bogota Blog NJ will continue to grow in the years ahead and be a useful part of Bogota.

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