Saturday, November 26, 2016

Apple Pie

 On Tuesday-22-November the Bogota Public Library held their annual Apple Pie Workshop. This was presented by Cali Skrnich who took the  bakers through  a step-by step process of creating a hand made dessert for the Holidays.  The attendees started with making their own pie crust from scratch and molding it in a pie pan. Ms Skrnich explained the importance of keeping the combination of floor, water and work to make a crust that will be able to use for a good base for the pie. Next came picking out some apples, a mix of Granny Smith, and Red Delicious, which were then cut into thin slices, or small cubes and placed in a bowl.  The apples bits  were mixed together with sugar and,or brown sugar until coated. The the mixture was placed in the crust , and a crumble was added with the final step was to bake the pies at home and enjoy them.
   The prevailing atmosphere of the evening was  that of letting a community of bakers, young and old, be together while preparing something of their own. Friends came in groups of two or three to chat, share stories and utensil.  Parents and their children had the opportunity to work on something together and to show off to the rest of their Family. While other just took the time to make a desserts  and learn from others.

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