Sunday, November 27, 2016

Planning Board

  On Tuesday 22-November the Bogota Planning Board held its regular meeting. The first order of business was for the board to authorized on site approval of a number of cosmetic changes to 297 Palisade Ave.
   The majority of the meeting was to continue to hear testimony from professional of the River Development Corporation about its plan redeveloped the former Hess site into the River Club complex.  Some of the points made was informing the board that Bergen Country will realign W. Ft. Lee rd to allow turning lanes, into the Apartment and retail areas along with providing areas for two new bus stops. Additional signage, and a system to provide alternate parking for those  parking spaces that are subject to possible flooding.
   The maintenance on the Borough's sewer line was completed earlier in that week, which now allows the River Development Corporation to finalize their design of a system to work with the Borough's system.  Part of River Club's system will be Veritable Rate Sewer pumps which will control the flow into the public line to reduce the risk of overloading the excising lines.
   River Development Corporation along with Hess, and other agencies will be responsible for the environmental  clean-up of the site. Some area will have their containment removed, while other parts will have an impenetrable cap sealing them. Monitoring wells will remain and upgraded as needed.
   The final points discuss was the landscaping of the development.  The Borough's Landscape Professional raise concern about the "Prairie Design" of the landscaping plan. He encourage the addition of more trees to the design to allow a canopy effect for  visual and environment reasons.  He also raised concerns about the irrigation of the vegetation in the development. Then the River Development Corporation's Warren Waters was allowed to explain the design choice by saying that  the River Development Corporation plan is to have an environmental coordinated  design to reduce the amount of water needed and to use a system that will use rainwater collected from the building to assist in the irrigation of the landscaping. Mr. Waters also said that any landscaping design will incorporate as many types and amount of trees and other visual elements as possible.
    River Development Corporation then answered question from board members and the public regarding the River Club and then ended their  presentation.
   The Planning Board then announced the Special Meeting for Tuesday-6 December. This will take place in the Borough Council Chamber and start at 7:30p. They are scheduling to present  a resolution on  the River Development Corporation for the River Club in order to allow a vote this redevelopment plan. This meeting will be open to the public. The Council Chamber are located on the second Floor of Borough Hall at 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ

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