Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Results 2016

   Results of the 2016 Election.

   For Bogota Borough Council 
Two Three year Terms
   Kathy  Gates Ferris   Democrat -     1,730
   David McFarlane      Democrat  -     1,664
   John Mitchell            Republican -   1,373
   Michael Connors      Republican -   1,354

Councilwoman Ferris and Mr. McFarlane  have won the two three seats on Bogota Borough Council

One one year term
  Mary Ellen Murphy   Democrat -    1,763
  Carmen Diaz              Republican -   1,319

   Ms Murphy has won the one year seat on Bogota Borough Council previous held by Lisa Kohles.

   For trustee  on The Bogota Board of Education

Three three year terms

Lisa Kohles                    830
Amanda Montgomery 818
Charles J. Severino      633
Ronald Patron              535
Kimberly Virbukas       440
Michael Leong             345

Ms. Kohles,  Ms.Montgomery, and Mr. Severino have won the three seats on the Bogota Board of Education   
  For County Freeholder
Three three year terms

Thomas J. Sullivan   Democrat -   172,793
Mary J. Amoroso      Democrat -   170,957
Germaine M. Ortiz   Democrat  -   168,378
Maura R. DeNicola   Republican - 136,809
John J. Driscoll Jr.   Republican - 138,127
Robert A. Di Dio       Republican-   133,263

Mr. Sullivan, Ms Amoroso, and Mr.Ortiz   have won the seats on the Board of Freeholders
  For Sheriff
One three-year term
Michael Saudino Democrat -         202,919
Manuel V. Alfonso Republican  -  124,451
  For Clerk
One five-year term
John S. Hogan Democrat - 187,838
Hector Olmo Republican  -  129,196
 For Surrogate
One five-year term
Michael R. Dressler Democrat - 184,137
Robert W. Avery Republican  - 130,941

US House of Representatives  fifth District

One Two Year Term

Joshua Gotteimer Democrat                156,628
Scott Garrett Republican                       146,428
Electors for the President and Vice President of the United States  

Donald Trump and Michael Pence Republican   58,583,078  (276)
Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine Democrat               58,371,527    (218)
 Ballot Questions
# 1 Expanding Casino Gambling

NO     2,199,981
YES      632,287
#2 Gasoline Tax Allocation 

YES     1,488,317
NO      1,290,978

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