Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bogota's most appealing home

   On Saturday-12-November Bogota Beautiful  presented the winner of the first Best Curb Appeal contest. This was a Summer long contest to let the followers of Bogota Beautiful  vote on the Bogota  house that had the most appealing  on its curb side face. This allowed the home owners in Bogota a chance to show their community pride with landscaping and design of their resident. The houses were submitted to Bogota Beautiful the owners themselves, or by anyone who felt they have seen a front lawn design worthy of special attention. Voting was done on line which was use to determine the winner.
  The winner of the inaugural Best Curb Appeal was Genevieve & Walter Miranda of Larch Ave. Ms. Miranda was greeted at her door by  members of Bogota Beautiful and was present with a gift card, to a local gardening store, and recognition banner by contest chairpersons  Maribeth and Pedro Mejia.  After Bogota Beautiful Chairperson Amaru Bustamante placed the winning banner, he took a moment to thank Ms. Miranda for the work and dedication of her family to create a winning design for all of Bogota to see. 
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