Friday, July 7, 2017

Heathy Meals

    On Thursday 6-July the Bogota Public Library held a workshop to present heather meal options. This was presented by nutritionists from Shoprite supermarkets. Erika Lannaman from the Hackensack location, and Julianne Gallo from the Lodi store, cooked an example of how use a substitute for a standard meal that could deliver the same favor with a larger health benefit.  This evenings demonstration was on how to use portabella mushrooms, instead of a ground beef for a hamburger. The portabellas were destemmed, cleaned and marinated in a balsamic vinegar before cooking.  Some of the mushrooms were topped with cheese in order to have be closer to that of a traditional hamburger in taste and appearance. While the portabellas were cooking both nutritionists answered question from the attendees. One question was about the type of bread to use for a heather bun,  then Ms Gallo showed the package of the whole grain buns that were being used this evening. She continued to say that it was important to see the term "whole grain" on the label.  A whole grain has more level of dietary fibers as opposed to processed wheat products. Other comments included the benefits of limiting portion sizes, and the use of more organic, or at least, less processed ingredients.
   When the portabellas were fully cooked they were served, on a whole grain bun, to the attendees.  The success in this demonstration was the fact  that some asked for a seconding helping. Along with the children of those in attendance expressed their pleasure in the taste of these "different burgers"

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