Monday, July 24, 2017

Movie Night

   On  Saturday-22-July the Bogart Memorial Church in Bogota opened its courtyard to the community for an Outdoor Movie Night.  This was the first of a kind event for the over 100 year old Church which invited citizens of Bogota into the church. As families gathered before the start of the show, blankets and chair were set-up to find a comfortable place to watch. Some children practice cart wheels to keep busy, while other took the opportunity to buy popcorn and drinks. Familiar faces caught up of personal news while other watch their kids try and make new friends. As the sky grew dimmer, and hopes for any rain to hold off it became closer to showtime.
     Before the movie began spokespersons from the co-sponsoring organisation where introduced. This event was a joint venture by Bogart Memorial Church, Bogota Beautiful, and the Bogota Public Library. Amaru Bustamante of Bogota Beautiful was the first to welcomed those in attendance, and thanked the Bogart Church for allowing them to join in with this event to proved a bit of entertainment to the residents of Bogota. He also thanked the Bogota Auxiliary Police Dept. for their assistance with traffic control. Next Radwa Ali of the Bogota Library talked of how they were happy the library was able to provide the movie to be shown. Ms. Ali continued to say that this is another way that the Bogota Library of more than just a collection of books, but proud contributing member of the Borough. Finally Bogart Memorial Church Pastor Jodie Wu thank both  Bogota Beautiful, and the Bogota Public Library for  their help with this event.  She said she was glad that people from outside her congregation chose to join them on a steamy Saturday Night together. Pastor Wu continued by saying that the Bogart Church looking forward to other community events in the future including an upcoming block party co-host by Bogota Beautiful and the opening of a Community Arts Centre soon. Then she introduce the movie the live action version of "Beauty and the Beast."

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