Friday, July 28, 2017

Blood Drive

  On Wednesday-26-July the Trinity Lutheran Church in Bogota hosted an emergency blood drive. This was run by the Community Blood Service of New Jersey in response to the reduce levels of available blood products.  Since red blood cells are storable for only a 35 day period the drop in donation may cause the shortage of useable plasma in the coming weeks. Trinity Church hosted this emergency drive to help lessen this situation. A steady stream of volunteers came to donated to fill this need.  Most time at least two of the three donating stations were occupied, with all three in various stages of donating were being used.  When the process was completed the volunteers were able to take advantage of Trinity's hospitality  with drinks, and cookies as their body's easily recovered from their donations.
   Summer is a historically slow month for blood donation due to vacations and other causes. Community Blood Service is trying to keep the supply of blood plasma at acceptable levels throughout the year.  For more information about donating blood please contact:

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