Thursday, July 6, 2017

Library Painting


   On Monday-3-July the Bogota Public Library hosting a landscape painting class. This was held in the second floor Seniors Centre and presented by Cali Skrnich who showed the attendees a step by step process of the basics of painting. Ms.Skrnich instructed the paints on which brush to use, and why. And how to mix colours on a pallet, and when to mix colours on the painting itself.  She painted along with the other  and carefully explained what she was doing & why. She would look at how the painters were progressing, answering their questions, giving them tips on what their next step would be, or how they could improve. Her most important tip was that the painting themselves are the ones who should like what they doing. She reminding them that painting is an expressionistic art form and they should be just relaxing and enjoying the time being creative, and being with others sharing the experience.

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