Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bob- O's Cheesesteaks


 On Saturday-28-November a new restaurant opened in Ridgefield Park called Bob-O’s Cheesesteaks. This is located at 252 Main St. and is the creation of first time restaurateurs Bobby Greenleaf and Bobby Lee. They are working with Chef Bill Peet, who will be in charge of the kitchen and quality. They have renovated an old short order establishment by creating a large open dinning space. 
  Customers are welcome to the “Cheesesteak Lovers Club” upon entering the restaurant. The decor is simple, clean, and coloured in red and white in recognition of the Ridgefield Park High School Scarlets. This also reflects the owners background of growing up in the Village and showing support to their home town. Next patrons can find a menu that is dedicated that will for the opportunity to apply for membership.  The kitchen  has been moved to the northern end of the building, making room for more table space that occupies over half the location. They have also placed a number of outdoor tables that can be used for additional seating. Lighting is basic and bright with the front wall being a row of full windows which brings in additional illumination and providing a more spacious feel. 
  The partners found an absent of quality, independent restaurant specializing in the Cheesesteak style of sandwich making. Tired of making the 100 mile trek south, the men wanted to make their  type of this signature sandwiches closer to home. This idea started in 2019, and they would then be confronted by more then the usually problems of just opening a new business.  The current health  situation hampered the progress  and they were forced to delay their opening. The extra time was used to implement all the needed safety protocol, for the customers. This would also allow them to the double checking of everything that a new business should do to insure a smooth opening.
  On opening day the hard-work and effort of the entire staff was rewarded by, as Mr. Greenleaf calls it: “AMAZING! We expected a big turn-out but I don’t think anyone expected it to be the way it was. We were slammed the entire weekend and had waits for over an Hour at times. Everyone was so excited to try it didn’t even matter how long.”  With all the obstacles that needed to be overcome, they saw that the combination of a mild, late Autumn day, and the desire of people wanting a reason to try something new as a good sign. This shows the support by local residents for a new business, and provided an extra pushed to give the restaurant off to a successful start.  
  Bob-O’s Cheesesteaks is currently focusing on a their namesake sandwiches along with a few other items and sides. Their signature item is called the “ The Bob-O’s”  this features a  shaved rib-eye, American cheese, grilled onions & grilled peppers sandwich.  All available steak sandwich are made with rib eye beef, while other items include chicken and vegetarian options. They also offer the customer the chance to personalized a sandwich a choice of one type of cheese, mainly solid cheese, but cheese-whiz is of-course available, and a select of toppings. 
   The only set-back at this time is the forced limitations on the customer experience. Bob-O’s Cheesesteaks hoping that any current issues are made-up for by returning dinners willingness  to be the next part of the  “Cheesesteak Lovers Club”.  The owners  aspire to expand the Bob-O’s taste to neighboring towns in the future.
    Bob-O’s Cheesesteaks is located at 252 Main St. Ridgefield Park, NJ. Operating hours are from 11:00a to 8:00p daily. They can be contact at 201-870-6065 and will deliver to Ridgefield Park, Bogota, and Little Ferry. Additional information can be found at:

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