Thursday, February 17, 2022

Bogota Board of Education

    On Tuesday-15-February the Bogota Board of Education held their first meeting for the Month of February. During his Superintendent report Mr. Damian Kennedy talked about a number of items. He reminded the public  about the presentation about how to identify learning drug paraphernalia that may be hidden in everyday objects. Along with learning how some key words and phrases can be used to alert Parents of possible drug and vaping use. This will be held in the Bogota High School Gym on Wednesday-23-February starting at 7:00p  This is open to the public, and for more information please contact Ms Kathi Viola at: 
   Superintendent Kennedy then announced the new district protocol for covid-19. They are: a Student with a positive test can return to class after 6 days, instead of 10. If  the Student has no symptoms, and with their Parents  permission, the Student will be in a separate room for meals, and must wear a mask in gym, and recess.  Unvaccinated Student return from out of the Country will only have to quarantine for 5 days. A new feature is a ‘Test to Stay” feature which will allow Student with Close Contact , with Parents permission, to be test, in school every other day. This will allow the Student to stay in in-class. Superintendent Kennedy said that he is still waiting for the New Jersey Department of Education  to announce their guidelines on who may need to quarantine, and when. What is the procedure for unvaccinated individuals. 
   Next the Trustees voted on the Agenda items. All resolution were approved by unanimous vote. Items of note were: 
-The installation of a Rock Climbing wall in the Gym at Steen School. This was purchased with funding provided by the Steen PTO.
- The hiring of Mr. Christopher Parke as a Middle School English Teacher.
-  To name Mr. Frank Calero the Director of Technology for the District
  The next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-8-March and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. It will be a hybrid meeting with in-person attendance and available online. The in person meeting will be held in the High Cafeteria located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ All in person attendee will be required to wear mask at all time while in the building. The meeting is open to the Public.
  The public participate in District's Community Survey this can be accessed at: 
Hablas español? Complete la encuesta comunitaria en línea, visite:
    For more information and to view previous meetings please go their web-site at:

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( To help support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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