Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bogota Planning Board

   On Tuesday-21-February the Bogota Borough Planning Board pass a resolution to instruct Planning Board Attorney Mr. Kevin Kelly to create a resolution for the approval of the Bogota component of  what is known as the 30 Cross St Project. This project if  approved will turn the current Bogota Golf Centre site into a warehouse, distribution, or light manufacturing complex. This is an area located between the NYSW Railroad tracks and the Hackensack River, and is shared by the Borough of Bogota, closest to Cross St, in the Northern half and by the Village of Ridgefield Park, by Interstate 80, to the South.  This application for use is being file by the Hampshire Venture Partners LLC.
   The Bogota Planning Board needs to approve the plans for Building #2, to the north. This building will be 89,130 sq ft in total. 83,630 sq ft will be warehousing and 5,500 sq ft of offices. There will 10 loading docks and parking spaces for 145 cars.  The primary access will be from Cross St with three driveways. A central entrance for trucks and deliveries, and two small entrances to the North and the South for cars. The entrances will be large enough to allow access by all emergency vehicles. 
   Hampshire Venture will also create a Public River Walk along the shore of the Hackensack River. This will have a new sidewalk connection over the railway tracks and meet with the existing Cross St sidewalk. The track crossing at Cross St. will still be at grade level, but widen to 43 ft. It will now have crossing gates for both lanes of traffic and secondary gates for pedestrian traffic. Industrial Ave will be moved 3 ft to the west and widen to 36 ft.  Hampshire Venture  will re-build and maintain Industrial Ave from the NYSW Crossing to within Ridgefield Park. As part of the agreement Hampshire Venture will repave Cross St before the Building receives their Certificate of Occupancy. Industrial Ave will also be constructed with a wider turning radius to allow for longer trucks crossing over the railroad tracks. 
 The River Walk will be 12 ft wide with fencing and wall for safety. It will be lighted, planned with native trees & bushes, public benches, with trash receptacles and four dedicate parking spots for River Walk users. The walk will be open from Dawn to Dust. The lighting will be LED fixture and placed as to not allow ambient light to be seen from the residential building near by. 
   The parking lot will be graded to allow for drainage towards the river, with outflow pipe to the river. This pipe will also be equipped with a check valve to prevent river flooding onto the property. The parking lot will also be equipped with 4 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for employee use. Building #1 will have a sewer connection into the sewer system for Building #2. And is dependent on County jurisdiction and demands. Mechanical equipment on top of Building #2 will be placed behind fencing in-order to be hidden from the River St. level. 
   The resolution for Building #2 is schedule to be formally presented to the Planning Board at their meeting on Tuesday-22-March. Time, date, and location are subject to change. 
   After the Bogota Planning Board approves the Hampshire Venture request the plans for warehouse #1 will be present to the Ridgefield Park Planning Board.

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(To help support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports
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