Wednesday, September 21, 2022

VFW event

    On Saturday-10-September the Bogota VFW Ralph Hall Post #5561 held a special event for members and a few invited guests. Because of the health issued over the last few years, as well work being done to their meeting hall, there has been very few chances to meet in person. The idea by Post Commander's Alex Herandez was to schedule a session at a local shooting range. Members of Post #5561, and the post from North Bergen, and invited guest would gather to refine their shooting skills. This was in a secure and regulated indoor structure. The Post #5561 group were assigned two stalls for their use. Each stall was shielded on two sizes, with their own loading table, and target holders. Behind, where a shooter would stand, was a table to load ammunition into a magazine. Then the magazine could only be loaded into the weapon with the safety stall. 
  Weapons use were pistons, long barrel rifles, and shot guns. Each person took turns to fire the weapon of choice. Only those members qualified would load the ammunition into the magazines. This event was an hour long and all members stayed for the entire time. 
  The Ralph Hall Post 5561 is also inviting anyone who wishes to join as Veterans of the Armed Services, or as family members of Veterans to join. For more information on how to join, or get assistance from the Bogota VFW please  their website at: or their facebook page at:
There is already a Ladies Auxiliary for  Wives, Mothers, Daughters, or Sisters. There is now being formed a Men's Auxiliary for Husbands, Fathers, Sons, & Brothers of combat veterans to join the post. For more information about joining , or to purchase a plaque please call 201-343-9693 or go to their face book page at :

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