Friday, June 27, 2014


  On Thursday Night the Primary schools of the Bogota School District held their Graduation Ceremonies for the Sixth grade class of 2014. The Steen Students were reminded of their growing up together some from the start of their academic career while first meeting in Kindergarten at Steen, while others have join to become members of the Class of 2014 along the way.  The Sixth Graders were honoured for their achievements throughout the year.  The Students who served on the Steen Safety Patrol were also recognized for the work during the school year to help keep their follow students safe around the school.  After the class performed their song they, then came off stage to present their Parents with a white rose to thank them for their guidance & support while helping through their school years.
  While the Students at Bixby received their awards a day earlier the Class of 2014 & and the Families in attendance were treated to a special moment when Jeziel Marte was allowed to join his fellow Classmates to receive his Certificate of Promotion as a member of the Class of 2014. Mr. Marte was able to have  the time away from the Hospital where he is recovering injuries he received earlier in the spring. He was transported to Bixby School with the aid of Mayor Jackson and the some  members of the Bogota Volunteer Ambulance Squad so he could join his Classmate.

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