Saturday, June 28, 2014

BHS Class of 2014

   On  Friday 27-  June Bogota High School held their 88th Commencement Exercise for the Class of 2014. 95 Seniors entered an Air Conditioned Gymnasium greeted by the Families & Friends in attendance. Principal Linda Gattuso welcomed the audiences and spoke of the work, and spirit the Seniors of Bogota High School had shown in the 4-6 years of learning in Bogota.  The Salutatory Address was given by Evan Van Tine recalled times of meeting new classmate back in Kindergarten and sharing the experiences with many of them for the last twelve years. He noted that in terms of hours spent together the graduates may have spend more time with each others then with their Family. This has turned strangers that were first met at the ages of 5 or 6 into a second Family at will have a special bond only with themselves.
   The next speaker was Amanda Mitchell who was the Valedictorian from the Bogota Class of 2008. She return to give the Keynote Address. She told the Seniors that some of the goals a person may want to have in life after High School should be based on the individual as opposed to what others think. Having  and meeting big goal will be satisfying, but smaller goals that turn into moments of happiness are just as important. She asked the Graduates to remember the times at school, and let them help in the future.
  The Valedictory Address was given by Emily Inserra, who started by remembering the  the class trip to Disney World as one of the high points of the year, along with victories won, friendship kept & a rare Friday Night  Home Football Game. She talked about late nights finishing project, last touches on Homework right before handing it in, and worrying about test.  She talked about how all of these and many others will always e apart of her memories of High School. She thanked those who have help in sharing  time in school with her and her fellow Graduates and congratulated the Class of 2014.
   When it was time for the Bogota Choir to sing Martin Nunez Bonilla took the time help turn the Ceremonies into a Celebration of what it means to be a Graduating Senior from Bogota High School. He pointed out those Seniors in the Choir and urge those in attendance to join them in singing & clapping along with " Dance to the Music".  With a more festive mood started then the highlight of the Senior receiving their Diplomas took place, as the Seniors walk forward to accept their degree to the shout of joy from the audience. When class President Zani Tahir lead the class in moving their tassels to the left , the Bogota High School Class of 2014 began to Celebrate their Graduation.

 The Class of 2014

Janel Dupree (L) & Nellina Tomlinson
 singing the National Anthem

 Principal Linda Gattuso addressing the Audience.

Evan VanTine giving his Salutatorian Address

Seniors playing with the Band

Amanda Mitchell BHS Class of 2008 giving the
Keynote Address

Valedictorian Emily Inserra giving
her speech. 

 Martin Nunez-Bonilla leading the Audience in the
Choir performance.


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