Monday, June 9, 2014


 On Sunday-8-June members of Bogota Beautiful, and volunteers from the Borough installed 8 planters along the W. Main St. Business District. There are four on on each side with two at the intersection of Elm  Ave & W. Main along with two at the intersection of Larch Ave & W.Main. The other are evenly spaced between the ends.  Each planter has  green sculptural plant at in it's center surround by a mix of Purple,  Yellow & Pink Geranium, Marigold & Morning Glory  to create a colourful addition to the W. Main Streetscape.   The planters were first filled with recycled material that was topped with cardboard to reduce the amount of soil needed to fill the 3 foot tall planters.  Some of the residents who volunteered their time include Mayor Tito Jackson and Councilmen Chris Keleman,& Rob Robbins. While Councilman Evaristo Burdiez Jr added donations. Daniele Fede of the Bogota Green Team along with Cornelia Geraghty, who organizes the garden club at Steen School were also on hand to help with planting.
  While the Planters were being  assemble a number of local merchants came out to voice their approval done by the volunteer gardeners. One store owner Roy Patel,  of Santa Fe Wine & Liquors, gave a spontaneous donation to help with the cost of the flowers.  Maintenance of the planters will be handled by some of the local Garden Clubs from the schools as a learning tool for the Students. Bogota Beautiful is also looking for Local Business', Groups, or even private citizens to sponsor a Planter to help with the cost of maintenance and to refresh the flowers on a seasonal basis. 
  For more information about Bogota Beautiful, how to donate to them, or how to sponsor a Planter please visit their web site at  or by email at

 Nevaeh (L) , Nova & Amaru Bustamante deciding
what should be planted next.

 Isabel Rodriguez , (L) Diana Oviedo & Julio Echevarria
doing some finishing touches

Joe Gallagher, (L) Cornelia Geraghty, Eileen Lewis
 & Councilman Chris Keleman  planting

Councilman Rob Robbins adding plants.

 Mayor Tito Jackson (L) and Daniele Fede working on a planter,

Roy Patel presenting Isabel Rodriguez a donation
to help with the cost of the Planting

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