Monday, June 23, 2014

Trip to Borough hall

  On Monday 23-June the Third Grade classes of Steen School took a field trip to Bogota Borough Hall.
They were met at the doors to the Council Chambers by Mayor Tito Jackson and Administrator August Greiner. When the student had taken their seats the Mayor introduced some of the other people who work in Borough Hall.  He also talked a little about the history of the building. Then to show the class how the Local Government works he select a number of Students to serve as Council Members. Then he called the meeting to order, did the roll call, and then lead the room in the Flag salute.  Mayor Jackson then  read the first item on the agenda. That was for the Third Grade of Steen School to have a snack. One of  the new Council member put forward the motion, and it was seconded by another. When it came to the full Council to vote it was passed unanimously. The next resolution was read which stated the the Students of Bogota should have a safe & fun Summer vacation. This was again voted on with all six members voting in flavor of the resolution. Then the meeting was open for Public Comments, in which Police Chief John Burke asked if he could share one of the students snacks. Then the Council Member voted to end the session so they could enjoy their snacks.
 After the Student cleaned up, they were given a tour of Borough Hall. While showing the Students the different offices, and explain what  types of jobs are done their, Mayor Jackson stopped at some of the photographs on the wall and explained a little of the History they represent.  The Students also learn that the Building was the first school in Bogota , and opened in 1899. Also at one time the rooms that at now the Clerks & Building  Dept. offices was once the Borough Library. The Students then went down to the Police Dept. headquarters were Police Chief Burke  & Capt. James Sepp talked about how the Police Dept. works.  They Students were shown the room the Detectives use to question people, and even how someone is fingered printed.  
  The last part of the tour was to see the Command vehicle that the Mayor Jackson uses in his role as Head of  Bogota's Office of Emergency Management. The Students also had a chance to go inside of one of Bogota Ambulances to see what type of equipment is use to help in an emergency. Then Students then thanked Mayor Jackson for a look inside Bogota Borough Hall.
Mayor Jackson welcoming the Steen Third grade Class to Borough Hall

Administrator Greiner talking about when he attended Steen School 
Mayor  jackson leading the Flag Salute.

Some Steen Student being members of Borough Council.

Mayor Jackson talking about the History of  Borough Hall

 Police Chief John Burke talking about how the Police
work to keep the residents of Bogota safe.

 The Student looking at some of the vehicle use
 by the Emergency Services Volunteers.

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