Sunday, June 15, 2014

News & Notes

15- June-2014

 Some noteworthy items from the past week.
  The  PTO spring clothing drive last week took in over 1,800 lbs of clothing  the process from the resale of these items goes to the Bogota High School PTO.

 The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy held their Parent Orientation meetings.  These meeting were an opportunity for the Parent of the Cadets of Class#04 to find out more about the Academy.  The Parents learn about what  will be required of the Cadet during their time in of the Academy.  Some of the item talked about can be used as a learning opportunity even out the Academy life. One example is how  the care of Cadets uniform. Cadets are given only one of each uniform shirt. Both shirts will be worn during a typical duty day, and all uniform items must in kept in compliance with the Academy's guidelines. What these means in practical term is a Cadet's uniform must be clean every night. Sgt Lynch told the Parents that the Cadet should be taught how some items of clothing can be washed without the use of a washing  machine or dryer. The Parents will also told of just a few of the activities their Cadets could be subject to. One is a class in Firearm safety. Sgt Lynch the Cadet will NOT be taught to learn to fire a gun. They parents learned that the point of this course was to expose the Cadet to the the consequences of what can happen with an armed weapon. This should also teach a Cadet  about how to act if any type of weapon is discovered. 
 Anna Ferris talked to the Parents that the Cadet will go through a personal hygiene class, and basic first aid. along with the there will be a  Nurse on staff through out the Academy duty period , and they are equipped to take care of  any Medical needs the Cadet may require." Miss Anna"  also told the Parents of any Female Cadets that there are a number of Female instructors which oversee the welfare of the young women who are Cadets. 
 Parents were told that they need to provide the Cadet with a " Healthy Lunch"  each duty day, and it needs to be in a small bag in order to be store and moved efficiently. Sgt Lynch also introduce some of the Instructors of the Academy, he told of how each of them will lookout for the safety of their Cadets, but warned the Parents that the Instructors will also point out to the Cadets when something is out of order.
  Both Miss Anna & Sgt Lynch main points is the Academy is a Big Deal to the Cadets, and it should be a Big Deal to their Parents as well. The Parents job is to ask about, enjoy, support, and encourage the Cadets at home. And most important is to celebrate their Graduation from the Academy as the milestone it is.

     On Saturday the Bogota Baseball Organization handed out the  season end trophies to the T-Ball teams.

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